One-on-one half-hour and hourly sessions, grades 1 – 12

Individualized sessions are designed for each child’s specific developmental needs as a writer.

Emerging Writers (K-2nd): For emerging writers, we focus on beginning story writing IMG_3240through a process called interactive writing (the sharing of the pen between teacher and student). This then moves into independent writing work. Creating a message, basic storytelling, translating sounds into print, letter formation, and familiarity with written word chunks and sight words are developed.

IMG_0558Young Writers (1st-3rd): As young writers progress, sessions focus on creative writing. We learn to develop story problems, characters, setting, dialogue and description to create interesting stories. We can also focus on how to collect information from nonfiction texts and then write about what we’ve learned (beginning research).

Upper Elementary/Middle School Writers (4th-8th):  Individual sessions can focus on IMG_0291creative writing or supporting academic growth in writing. As kids transition into upper elementary and onto middle school, they are also developing and later refining writing skills in the formats of persuasive essay, literature response, summary, and expository writing.  We support each writer to gain skills and confidence in each of these writing processes.

IMG_0334High School Writers (9th – 12th grades):  Sessions at this level focus on literature response essay writing, research-based persuasive essays, and other forms of academic writing with attention to solid organization and thesis development, voice and audience awareness, advanced editing skills, and advanced critical thinking.