Writer’s Coaching

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Writing skills are among the most rewarding and empowering competencies any student can build, which is why I am passionate about teaching writing. Becoming a skillful writer takes practice, feedback, coaching, and effort.  It also requires a supportive environment where young writers can feel known, appreciated, and safe to take risks and approach challenges.

Reading and writing are interconnected, whether we are reading a novel or short story and then developing an essay, or reading subject matter content and then showing our learning through our writing. This is why writing sessions are often interwoven with reading and discussion.

Depending on goals and developmental level, sessions can focus on the following writing skills:

  • Discussion of text and critical thinking
  • Identification of literary devices such as symbolism, alliteration, personification, and more
  • Annotation and active reading
  • Pre-writing strategies
  • Essay organization and structure
  • Thesis development
  • Incorporation of quotes
  • Voice and audience awareness
  • Word choice and sentence construction
  • Editing skills
  • Evaluating and addressing classroom teacher feedback

Writing sessions can also focus on a variety of genres:

  • Informal reading response reflections
  • Essay writing
  • Literature study and writing
  • History study and writing
  • Classroom assignments
  • Creative writing
  • Poetry
  • Research

All sessions are individualized based upon parent and student goals; meet each student where they are; and build skills and confidence from existing strengths. Learning differences welcome.

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