“Ivy has been an attuned and skilled writing coach and mentor to my kids for three years now, and we hope to continue working with her for a long time. Ivy has found ways to build my kids’ comfort level, interest, enthusiasm, confidence, and proficiency in reading and writing. My child who was a reluctant reader now reads chapter books for fun. My other child already loved reading, and I’m blown away when I read their writing now. Being able to work with Ivy has been a true gift for our family. I recommend her whenever I get the chance.”    ~J.M., parent

Thank you, Ivy. And thank you for all of your help. You were such a big supporter of my process.    ~ L.D., high school senior

Ivy’s tool chest and innovative techniques build trust and confidence, and have helped shape our son as a person. If I were only allotted one instructor for my son across his education, I would choose Ivy. She has a “sixth sense” with tutoring, by meeting each unique learner exactly where they are, adjusting lessons, and taking action to boost individual learning. ~T.H., parent

“Ivy Sandz brings to teaching a wonderful sense of humor and a deeply-held belief in the infinite possibilities held by every child.”
~Karen Jorgensen, teacher and author of The Whole Story

“Ivy Sandz has a remarkable ability to understand individual students’ skills and work with their strengths. She sees places where students are weak and helps them overcome their difficulties—her students love her.”
~Paula Horowitz, classroom teacher

“Ivy is a highly skilled literacy expert, who is able to work with a group of children while addressing individual needs. Her creative and focused environment encourages students to want to learn about reading and writing.”
~Betty Peterson, M.Ed., Educational Therapist

“Ivy’s careful diagnosis and instruction enable her students to become successful readers and writers.”
~Laurie Stoneham, reading specialist

“Ivy, I would like to let you know that R’s 7th grade STAR test results arrived in the mail the other day and that he received a 100% on the writing portion of the test. I have to smile when I think back to that day when I came to you, asking for help with my inability to get him to put pencil to paper. You had no small part in this 100 that he received on the test and I’d like to send you my heartfelt thank you.”   ~Marianne F., parent

“When I was in high school I didn’t realize how valuable the material we covered would be later on, but as a college freshman I found myself returning to the essays I wrote with you and using them as models for new assignments in a variety of classes. Organization and little things like making sure that the first and last sentence of a paragraph match the thesis have been indispensable in crafting effective essays. Another thing I repeatedly fall back on in English classes is letting a work speak for itself. You said to let a piece show the beauty of its own writing, and this has definitely enhanced my papers. I remember how worried I was that I wouldn’t measure up to college standards, but I needn’t have been because you more than prepared my writing for it. What I remember most from our sessions is your enthusiasm for literature and teaching. It was easy to see that you loved what you did, and I was very impressed and inspired by your passion. This is one of the reasons I became an English major, so thank you for this and for your constant encouragement.”
~Jani S., former student