J2Reading sessions help elementary readers solidify the reading skills IMG_3239they already know, while building their repertoire of reading strategies to support further growth. Individualized reading instruction is based on an initial evaluation of each child’s particular literacy needs and strengths.


All sessions focus on assessed needs at instructional reading level.

For younger readers (K-4th grades), sessions grow a child’s independent reading level through work on the following:

~ Reading strategies and techniques for decoding

~ Fluency and expression

~ Thinking strategies to improve comprehension

~ Sound/letter recognition

~ Phonics/Sight Words

~ Confidence in learning


For older readers (4th-6th grades), sessions may include:

~ Remediation for struggling readers

~ Training in strategies to build comprehension including     inferencing, self-monitoring, making connections, predicting, clarifying, questioning, and evaluating

~ Fluency building

All work is individualized and done with:

An authentic, literature-based program

Skilled, compassionate instruction in a child-centered environmentIMG_1458