Homeschool Sessions
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Homeschool families often prioritize developing curiosity and a love of learning. Individualized sessions can be a powerful addition to a homeschool program. Ivy has been working with homeschooling students and parents for over twenty years, providing a full range of literacy-based learning opportunities to enrich families’ homeschool programs.

Sessions are designed to meet students at their developmental level, while building reading, writing, and thinking skills in a supportive and relaxed setting.

Learning opportunities focus on literacy development and integrating content curriculum into a student’s reading and writing program. Depending on need and goals, sessions may focus on:

  • literature studies

  • essay writing

  • research

  • history, pairing non-fiction sources with historical fiction so students can have a visceral understanding of history through story

  • poetry

  • memoir / personal narrative

  • creative writing

Because homeschooling allows families to make learning choices based on individual interests, we have the opportunity to develop tailored and meaningful learning experiences. As an example, some homeschool parent/student requests have been: reading the Odyssey together and incorporating reflective and essay writing; reading and discussing Jane Eyre; a civil rights history study; a study of Chinese-immigration, the building of the transcontinental railroad and the racism faced by Chinese immigrants followed by expository writing; poetry writing; putting together a collection of personal narrative stories; and more.