College Essays

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College essay and personal statement writing are part of a profound process. Seniors often come into it feeling the pressure that high-stakes writing brings. On top of that, college essays require vulnerability and courage as students reveal and showcase their unique identity with authenticity. I feel privileged to support teens as they explore who they are, their values, their accomplishments, and their future goals and dreams.

The admissions writing process begins as a “requirement,” but by the conclusion of the journey, students have completed a profound, written, reflective record that reveals who they are, not only to the admissions committees, but to the writers themselves. As teens prepare to cross through the threshold into young adulthood, the process of crafting college essays both facilitates their college entrance and provides a strong foundation of self-awareness and self-appreciation to build upon as they embark on their college journey.


Ivy was immeasurably helpful in getting my son into six of the eight colleges to which he applied. She made the experience an empowering one for him by putting him at ease, treating him with respect, and asked the right questions to strengthen his essays.  She also was a great help with the time management piece, making up a calendar for when they would work on the rough drafts and when they would do polishing work. I think he left the experience with a stronger sense of himself and more self-trust in his writing abilities. I can’t recommend her highly enough.   ~ B.D., parent

Dear Ivy, thank you for assisting M. in writing a beautiful college essay. Her emotional growth is quite evident. It’s remarkable, what lovely, intimate relationships you build with your students. It takes a village, and you’ve been a consistent presence in all three of our kids’ lives. We are grateful. ~ T.L.L., parent

Hi Ivy, R. got into her dream school.  Thank you so much for your effort in the application process. ~ M.W., parent

A. just gave me her brag letter. I was really taken with her introspection, how well she knows herself, and that she was able to get this down on paper. Thanks for getting her there. It’s been a journey! ~ A.S., parent

Thank you, Ivy. And thank you for all of your help. You were such a big supporter of my process. ~ L.D., high school senior

We’re so grateful to have met Ivy when we did. Our older son was going through the college application process and needed some writing support. Ivy helped him through the essay-writing process. He particularly appreciated the brainstorming sessions with Ivy and her assistance in restructuring some of his essays to improve the flow. She helped make a potentially stressful process into one of calm reflection and self-discovery. ~ M.D., parent

Ivy has been a huge help when writing my college essays. She pushed me to understand myself better and dig deeper to write essays that represented who I really was, going beyond the obvious and cliché to find my deeper motivations and character. I’ve learned more about myself just through the process of writing with her, and it’s gotten me into my dream schools as well! For anyone who wants to come away from the college application as both a better writer and someone with a deeper sense of self-awareness and understanding, I couldn’t recommend anyone better. ~S.N., high school senior

Ivy began by collaborating with us to understand our daughter’s academic profile and personal aspirations. This helped her guide my daughter to craft essays that showcased her unique strengths and experiences. The application process was efficient, with minimal revisions needed. This was due to Ms. Ivy’s clear guidance and my daughter’s focused work. For example, Ms. Ivy helped my daughter brainstorm a creative approach to a challenging essay prompt, resulting in a truly standout piece. Ms. Ivy also encouraged exploring multiple essay drafts and welcomed parental input, ensuring a collaborative experience. Scheduling sessions with her was always a breeze. Overall, working with Ms. Ivy was an invaluable asset in my daughter’s college application journey. I highly recommend her services to any family navigating the college application process. ~ A.V., parent

Ivy was super helpful when I was writing my college essays. She always knew just the right words to help me articulate whatever I was thinking, and was very efficient with helping me cut down my drafts without losing any meaning. I owe one of my favorite essays ever to our brainstorming process, and I really enjoyed working with her. ~E.Y., high school senior