Coaching Session Structure
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Each coaching session takes into account the specific needs of the individual within their current academic context.

A general structure for a coaching session includes:

1.  CHECK-IN:    How are you? How did the week go? Do you have any specific areas you would like to address in today’s session or in upcoming sessions?

2.  COLLECTING DATA:    Depending on needs and goals, this is a time to collect information to:

      • evaluate the implementation of identified habits/strategies

      • look at current grades and trends

      • track any missing assignments.

The awareness cultivated by gathering serial, real-time information allows us to make data-driven decisions about how to use our coaching sessions most effectively and to gain insights into what is working, what isn’t, and why. This awareness creates opportunities for choice.

3.  STRATEGIES, TOOLS, AND SKILLS:   Next, we move into work time that may include:

      • Introduction to a new study, time management, or organizational tool

      • Backward planning of a big project into doable, calendared chunks

      • Refinement of a habit or strategy that we have been working on

      • Evaluating which systems work for the student’s unique style of learning and studying

      • Practicing a skill together or taking time to further solidify a tool

      • Getting started on a task that triggers procrastination

4.   ACTION ITEMS AND A PLAN:   Finally, we move the progress forward by clearly identifying action items for the week and making a plan for follow-through and success.