So often we are told to study, but rarely are we taught how to study. Academic Coaching provides an opportunity for students to learn a range of tools to support their unique learning process. Academic coaching is especially useful for students who have challenges with focus, organization, time management, long-term project management, study habits, or study skills.

Sessions build student awareness by:

  • Teaching students how the brain works, so they can maximize learning
  • Tracking habits and grades to make them visible
  • Showing students how to manage time, so they can realistically plan their work
  • Addressing procrastination
  • Identifying short-term and long-term goals
  • Coaching through obstacles or challenges to learn problem solving

Sessions build study skills by:

  • Developing study routines and plans
  • Practicing a range of study skills for reading effectively, note taking, learning information, and studying for tests
  • Creating a toolbox of techniques students can use to encode learning in a variety of ways
  • Understanding the study senses: how the brain learns best

Sessions build organizational skills by:

  • Solidifying the use of a planner and other reminders
  • Illustrating how to backward plan and break large projects into doable chunks
  • Creating a study schedule, identifying needed tools, and identifying the best place to study
  • Offering ongoing support to create organizational habits that work for the student

Sessions build independence in learning by:

  • Allowing students to make commitments and have an accountability partner
  • Having students identify and implement solutions to their challenges
  • Allotting time to consider and try various skills, with the goal of finding the best approaches for each individual student
  • Teaching students how to self-advocate with teachers