About Ivy Sandz

Ivy has been offering individualized tutoring, teaching, and coaching since 2001. She is trained as an academic coach and executive function coach, bringing students a range of tools to address executive function needs and develop powerful study skills. She also has extensive training in early literacy and progressive literacy development through high school, and is passionate about helping students develop their writing skills and voice, critical thinking, and a love of literature.

Ivy has a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, as well as credentials in Cross-Cultural Language Acquisition and Development (ESL), English and Art. She is certified in Social-Emotional Learning with an emphasis on student wellness, social change and equity, and brings a mindfulness-based toolkit to help stressed students calm, focus, and thrive. 

Ivy is dedicated to helping all students including those with learning differences, achieve their full academic potential. She works closely with students and their families to support skill development, a love of learning, and confidence.

Individualized instruction is offered via on-line sessions.